A Next Super-Expensive iPhone can cost over 1 lacs in India

Many Rumors you might have got for iPhone 8. No bezels, face scan unlock, better cameras, wireless charging, and the standard sexy lines and curves, you can expect from iPhone. If you are thinking to buy iPhone 8 then you better start saving some serious money for it. It won’t be coming at the cheap price.
The upcoming iPhone 8 flagship or you can call it iPhone X, it will be the first iPhone ever in Apple’s history to cost over the US $1,200. The most expensive iPhone 7 Plus 256GB version currently sells for the US $969, so the price bump can’t be completely ruled out given the fact that the iPhone 8’s expected to sport some “innovative” features.

If rumors are to be believed, the iPhone 8 is more likely to be priced somewhere in the range of $1,200 (approximately Rs 76,500) That means, if you are likely to buy iPhone 8 in India and expect to grab the new flagship on launch day, you can expect to fork over more than a lakh for Apple’s device. Yes, that’s a heck of a lot more. However, it may not be all gloom and doom for you Apple fans.

The flagship iPhone 8 will reportedly sport an edge-to-edge 5.8-inch OLED screen, giving the iPhone a super minimalist look. There will be no home button, volume rocker or screen lock button, too, as per the Apple source, will be replaced with touch-sensitive in-line zones where the buttons would be.
Not just resting on its OLED screen laurels, the flagship. iPhone 8 is going to pack in more never-before-seen features like wireless charging, and dual cameras on all three variants of the Apple phone. All of this will, no doubt, bump up the price even further.

Apple is already a multi-billion-dollar corporation that’s clearly a luxury brand. By pricing the iPhone 8 at over a thousand dollars or more than a lakh — as it’s rumored to do, it clearly becomes a premium product, a device for only the elite. And yet, it’s still just about within reach for some of you willing to pay the EMIs. That way, you feel a sense of pride in being a part of this elite club. You may want the latest iPhone, and there’s nothing wrong with that. And even if you could upgrade to the still desirable iPhone 7s or 7s Plus strongly rumored to be released alongside the iPhone 8, that’s still great.

What will be the price of iPhone 8 in India?

It could cross the Rs 1 lakh price bracket for the very first time. Because for the past two years, Apple’s flagship iPhones, iPhone 6S Plus (128GB) & iPhone 7 Plus (256GB) have been priced at Rs 92,000 in India at launch. And the US dollar price of the iPhone has always been considerably cheaper than what the phone sells for in India, year on year.
Here’s why the next iPhone matters very much even for Android users
It’s crucial that Apple keeps building what are perceived to be expensive smartphones with fancy features. It’s been doing that since Steve Jobs first introduced the original iPhone back in 2007, a pivotal moment in shaping the modern smartphone industry. Because of Apple’s allure and the iPhone’s perception, it spurs other manufacturers to bring you phones with similar or better features within your budget faster than ever.

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After all, your budget phone might be perfect for most people’s needs, but the thirst for the latest features is relentless. That’s why the competition in the premium sphere is fierce, that’s why it’s where the most innovation happens, often at a high initial price. Dual cameras started out in the premium segment, and ever since Apple debuted the iPhone 7 Plus with that feature, competing Android manufacturers rushed out of the block to sell phones with a similar feature. That’s why now you can get smartphones with that capability for under Rs 20,000.


If the US price of the flagship iPhone 8 is expected to go up, we can say that the price of iPhone 8 will cost over Rs 1 Lakh for the first time ever.


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