Apple Pay Cash in iOS 11: Send and Receive Payment Person to Person.

Now you can gift Money to your Friends while chatting. New features coming into effect with Person to Person Money Transfer. You will be able to send/receive money via iMessage in Apple pay iOS 11.

There are many ways to send or receive money from other peoples with your phones. Apps like Venmo and Square Cash let you easily send and receive money at any time. Apple wants in on the easy money transferring. In iOS 11, Apple is bringing person-to-person payments directly in the Messages app.

Apple Pay person to person haven’t launched till now but it is expected to come into effect until end of the year. At launch, it will only available in the USA.

How Apple pay will work:

All valid credit cards and debit cards added into Wallet app that you could access in iMessage App. You can send money by two ways using Siri and via iMessage. You should also have Touch ID supported device. Set up Apple pay on Your device.
1) Open setting- Tap on the Wallet and Apple Pay.
2) Tap on Add Debit or Credit card.
3) Follow the instruction to set it up.
Now you have done with set up.

How to send Apple cash via iMessage in iOS 11:

1) Launch Message app on your iOS device.
2) Now choose a contact to whom you want to send money.
3) Next, tap on Apple Pay app from the bottom of iMessage screen.
4) This will open Apple Pay widget automatically; now you need to enter the amount and tap on Pay.
In the end, you will have to authenticate with your Touch ID. Many times, Touch ID doesn’t work on iPhone. But you can fix this issue.
You will also get the option to request a particular amount. Just in case, someone requests money from you, tap on the amount and then you will have the option to approve or deny it.

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How to Receive Apple cash via iMessage in iOS 11:

1) Launch iMessage app on your iOS.
2) Now you need to choose a contact to whom you like to request money.
3) Next, tap on Apple Pay app from the bottom of iMessage app screen.
4) Your Apple Pay widget will appear automatically, and now you are required to enter the amount then tap on Request.

**The money sent from your contact will go into your Apple Pay Cash card. Now it is your discretion to use the amount for online shopping or transfer the money to your bank account.

Which Device supports Apple Pay:

It will be available through iOS 11 on iPhone, iPad and Apple watch. But it will work on Touch ID supported devices, which means older devices won’t be able to take advantage of person to person payment services.

What’s your take on Person to Person Payment Feature?

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