Apple Started to Block annoying Ads on Safari Browser

Autoplay videos are one of the annoying thing of the modern web. They pop up without any warning and blasting sounds through speakers.

But Apple plan to Block this pop up. The Californian technology company wants to block auto-playing videos in its desktop browser Safari. Instead, they’ll be automatically paused, letting users decide whether they want to unpause them.

Included is an updated version of Safari that includes a number of useful new features. Along with the auto-play video block, it now also blocks trackers, so ads can’t use people’s browsing histories to target them.

Apple SVP of software engineering Craig Federighi said on-stage. “It’s not about blocking ads, the web behaves as it always did, but your privacy is protected.”
Apple is doing a great service to users while making life tougher for content publishers with this update.

Auto-play video can be convenient when it’s predictable and only happens when a video is on screen, like in some social apps. But when a text news article suddenly starts blaring sound from an ad or auto-play video player in the sidebar, it’s annoying and an abuse of our attention.

Apple, especially, has taken a hard line against corrupting the digital experience for consumers in the name of commercial interests. CEO Tim Cook has spoken out against Internet companies that collect too much data on users, calling it an attack on privacy.

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