Apple to Launch SiRi Speaker Soon

Apple will launch Home-AI Siri speaker soon to give competition to Amazon Echo and Google Home. It will come with virtual surround sound which is not available on this devices yet. It will allow users to interact with music listening experience with loudspeakers. As per the report from Bloomberg, The Device will launch until June 5 but the final verdict of the launching of the device is not confirmed by Apple yet. But we can expect until end of the year.

Apple has 50% of chance to announce the product at WWDC in June
but it will come on sale in the second half of the year or at the end.
The analyst of Apple company aspect that Apple will ship more than 10 million with announced devices in the first year after getting launched. This same happened when Apple launched the Wireless Air pods.

An Apple-designed device speaker with high-end quality sound which fits perfectly with Apple ecosystem. In the year 2006, Apple launched the product Hi-Fi with its high price and bulky size with powered speakers. But, Hi-Fi flopped and soon its manufacturing been stopped with 18 months from launching.

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