Apple Watch OS4: Release Date and Features

Apple has announced watch OS 4 at WWDC 2017. Equipped with enviable speed and numerous impressive features.  Among several neat watch OS 4 features, The best features were good was more powerful Activity app and amazing Siri watch face.
The latest watch OS is said to be more secure and reliable than the previous version. Besides, it will deliver more consistent performance.

Watch OS4 Features:

All New Complications:

Watch faces have got smart complications. They change dynamically as per time and location. With the new Siri watch face, you’ll automatically see more relevant information based on the time of day. That includes reminders, photos memories and news updates, which can pop up on your watch.

Smarter Activity App:

Activity App has got an all new UI. It has become a lot smarter with watch OS 4. It shows little sparkle animations whenever you quite any of your activity rings. It also includes an auto set for pool workouts, which tell you when you hit the pool and count the laps.
It also comes with more powerful interval training feature.
The support of Core Bluetooth allows it to work directly with other gadgets like glucose monitors or surfboards.

Music App:

Apple’s Air Pods have made listening to music easier and now Apple is taking it one step further with the Apple Watch.  A new interface features album art, and you’ll be able to select specific albums by scrolling through your choices with the digital crown.

Apple News:

Apple News has arrived on the Watch as well. You can quickly go through the major news from around the world right on your wrist.

Apple Watch OS4 Release Date:

Watch OS 4 will be available until this September 2017 as announced at WWDC 2017.
Apple has released the developer beta of watch OS 4, while the public beta is expected to be released later this month.

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