How to Identify The Outdated Apps For Your iOS 11?

How to Identify The Outdated Apps For Your iOS 11?
Older apps are going to stop working once Apple turns off support for 32-bit applications.

Apple added few things with the update of iOS 10.3. A tool to identify 32 bit that may be rendered obsolete in the next version of iOS. A decision made by Apple that apps don’t support to the 64-bit mode it will be removed, so Apple asked the App developers to update their Apps to 64-bit mode. New Version of iOS will kill many thousands of Apps.

Any app that hasn’t been updated since 2015 is likely to be rendered obsolete when iOS 11 ships in about six months’ time to launch

To check compatibility of Apps:

1) Go to Setting–General
2) About and scroll down to applications.

If you can Tap this button then you are taken to app compatibility section. If you see any apps over here than these apps are not updated with 64-bit mode. If you can’t tap the application section then it means all your apps are up to date.

The company has required new apps and updates to support 64-bit processors since 2015, there are many apps that don’t support the modern chip sets.

Till now Apple has not confirmed that the iOS will become imminent destruction for 32-bit apps. The update will strike in September month 2017.

If you see an app here and you really care about and you think that you need that app so reach out to app developer and see if they can update it with the 64-bit version.

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