How to Reset Settings on I-phone and I-pad.

There are a number of reset options available in iPhone and
IPad. Here you will know how to reset settings on iPhone and iPad, what they do
and when to use them. If you are having a problem with your iOS device, at
times these can be a quick and easy fix.

Reset all Settings:

This will reset all the settings without deleting any data
like music, movies, photos it will not remove them.
1. Open Settings > General
2. Scroll down to the bottom and tap on ‘Reset’.
3. Select Reset All Settings > Tap button to Reset All
Settings > Tap Button Again to continue. Apple makes you click through
twice, to be sure that you really want to reset the settings.
When the process is completed your iPhone will reboot. All of
your Text, iMessages, and emails will remain as it is. It will only remove the
preference for Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, DND, Notifications, Sound, Brightness,
Wallpaper, and privacy.
When to use
If you are taking time in using your iPhone and you want to
avoid having a long process at that time you can use this setting.

all Content and Settings:

This option will erase everything on your iPhone or iPad. It
does not reset the settings, it also deletes media, photos, emails, videos, and
even apps also. This brings your iPhone back to its default factory state. To
erase all contents and settings:
1. Navigate to Settings > General > Reset
2. Select Erase All Content and Settings. Tap button twice to
3. Erase all content iPhone
After this, your iPhone will reboot.
When to use
You’ve exhausted all troubleshooting tips and have decided to
delete everything.

Network Settings:

This option will reset your network settings. Your iPhone or
iPad save usernames and password for the network which you have access in past
time. Your devices recognize previous Wi-Fi access points. To Reset Network
1. Navigate to Settings > General > Reset
2. Select Reset Network Settings. Tap button twice to
3. Reset network settings
When to use
If your Wi-Fi has become unreliable. This brings network
settings back to the factory defaults. Make sure you have the Wi-Fi password
with you. You’ll need it to reconnect to your home network or others that you
might typically access.

Home Screen Layout:

This will reset the home screen to the default grouping of
1. Navigate to Settings > General > Reset
2. Select Reset Home Screen Layout. Confirm.
3. Reset home screen layout
When to use
If you have customized your home screen and you want it back
as it is then you can use it to bring it back normal.
Location and Privacy:
This will reset location and privacy settings to the factory
default setting. If you lose or have your iPhone stolen, Location Services must
be enabled along with Find My iPhone in order for the service to work.
1. Navigate to Settings > General > Reset
2. Select Reset Location and Privacy. Confirm.
3. Reset location privacy
When to use
You’ve enabled location services for all sorts of third party
apps and need to restore control.

iOS device has a number of options for resetting your device. These can all be
accessed from the Settings panel or in some cases, by using Find My iPhone. It
is advised to keep backup your device before using this r

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