How to Send Text Message Using Siri on Apple Watch?

Apple has added many new features in Siri and now it is working even better. Many users were not aware of using this feature. Siri on your Apple watch can be a great tool for communication, especially for Message and iMessage.
How to send messages on Apple watch using Siri follow the steps:
Step 1: Lift up your wrist and say “Hey Siri”
Step 2: If it is disabled then lift up your wrist and hold down digital crown to enable it.
Step 3: Now say ‘send a message to “contact number”.
Step 4: You may be asked to select the device.
Step 5: Tap on Microphone.
Step 6: Say your message.
Step 7: Now say, ‘Hey Siri, send it’.
How to send a message without touching your Apple watch?
Step 1: Lift up your wrist and say “Hey Siri”
Step 2: Now give Siri command
Step 3: Now choose your device. Siri will choose destination device for your message.
Step 4: Then Siri will show you typed message to you, just say, ‘Hey Siri, send it’
How to Reply a Message with Siri on Apple watch?
Step 1: First off, raise your wrist to check incoming message notifications on Apple Watch.
Step 2: Next, say “Hey Siri, reply”. Then, “Hey Siri, reply (your message)”. Finally, “Hey Siri, send it”.
Step 3: Tap on the microphone after commanding Siri for a reply.
Step 4: Say your message.
Step 5: Now say, ‘Hey Siri, send it’.


Siri is an amazing voice assistant that can save your energy. If you can use it wisely, this intelligent assistant can complete your tasks following your voice commands. Meanwhile, enjoy Siri’s all-new Translation feature that can translate English to Chinese, French, German, Italian, and Spanish.

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