How to Share Wi-Fi Password in iOS 11 on iPhone or iPad?

WIFI passwords are the pain for everyone. They are hard to remember, too long and some password is very complex to remember when you are supposed to connect to another network.But Luckily, Apple has made it possible for you to remember password in iOS 11. Apple hasn’t made any announcement yet to give confirmation. Later this year you will get an updated software iOS 11. iOS 11 will also get updated with a new feature called “WIFI Sharing.” It will also work in macOS high Sierra, a new operating system for Mac it will release later this year. The only thing to remember is both the phones should be unlocked for sharing the password. The devices should run on iOS 11 to share WIFI password. It will be very easy to join WI-FI network without typing the password.

How to share WIFI password in iOS 11?

Step 1: Open setting and tap on Wi-Fi.
Step 2: On the WIFI switch.
Step 3: Select the WIFI network which you want to join.
Step 4: Then you have to hold your device near to unlocked iOS device which has a password.
An alert will be given on device which has the password. You will get prompt something saying this “xx xx xx” wants to join your network. “Do you want to share your WIFI password for your WIFI network?” And then Tap on Send password. On a very second after taping on password, it will be quickly entered into another device.

How to share on macOS high Sierra?

Step 1: Hold your device near to unlocked Mac.
Step 2: Now on your Mac you will see a pop-up alert saying “share password for your Wi-Fi network.” You will have two option whether to share or decline.

what’s your point of view on this new feature “WI-FI password sharing” in iOS 11 and macOS?

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