What does the iPhone 8 need to defeat the Galaxy S8?

The Galaxy S8 set a pretty high bar for phones with its edge-to-edge infinity screen and powerful octacore processor, but Apple next i-Phone seems up to the challenge.
The Cupertino company is rumored to be working on its own bezel-less smartphone for its Next iPhone.

Here are four rumored features that would make the next iPhone a worthy opponent against Samsung S8.

A Truly Bezel Less Display:

The front of the S8 is 83 percent screen and it looks incredible, which means Apple has an opportunity to do it better by making it bezel less display and cover all over the screens and top to bottom. Apple will swap its LCD display with OLED screen for iPhone. So a curved screen might also be on the cards.

Embedded Fingerprint Scanner:

The S8 got rid of the home button on the S8, but moved the fingerprint scanner to the back of the phone, dangerously close to the camera. The 3D Touch technology on the newer iPhones lets users control the interface without physical buttons, which means the iPhone 8 could eliminate the home button as well.


The Iris scanner and face recognition, The two options are not the safest option to unlock the S8. Apple could improve this feature by adding a depth-sensing camera to the iPhone 8. This would mean the iPhone 8 camera would produce better quality photos and video. Plus, its zoom quality would be far superior.

Battery Life:

This is Apple’s Achilles heel. Apple has been trying to boost battery performance with the help of software optimization on the iOS but has not got it quite right. Even if the iPhone isn’t able to outlive the S8, it could still pioneer a better way of charging. As for the iPhone 8, it’s rumored that Apple wants to build upon the excellent battery performance of the iPhone 7 Plus. As such, it apparently, it working towards producing its very first handset, that could push beyond 12-hours usage.Checkout :

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